Vezina Trophy
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1946-1981 winners
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Vezina Trophy Winners 1946-1981

In 1946, the NHL Governors changed the criteria for winning to the team with the fewest goals scored against it during the season. The goalie playing the most games for the team was awarded the Trophy. The conditions were later amended to be given to goaltenders having played 25 games.

Season Winner Team
194647 Bill Durnan Montreal Canadiens
194748 Turk Broda Toronto Maple Leafs
194849 Bill Durnan Montreal Canadiens
194950 Bill Durnan Montreal Canadiens
195051 Al Rollins Toronto Maple Leafs
195152 Terry Sawchuk Detroit Red Wings
195253 Terry Sawchuk Detroit Red Wings
195354 Harry Lumley Toronto Maple Leafs
195455 Terry Sawchuk Detroit Red Wings
195556 Jacques Plante Montreal Canadiens
195657 Jacques Plante Montreal Canadiens
195758 Jacques Plante Montreal Canadiens
195859 Jacques Plante Montreal Canadiens
195960 Jacques Plante Montreal Canadiens
196061 Johnny Bower Toronto Maple Leafs
196162 Jacques Plante Montreal Canadiens
196263 Glenn Hall Chicago Black Hawks
196364 Charlie Hodge Montreal Canadiens
196465 Johnny Bower
Terry Sawchuk
Toronto Maple Leafs
196566 Gump Worsley
Charlie Hodge
Montreal Canadiens
196667 Glenn Hall
Denis DeJordy
Chicago Black Hawks
196768 Gump Worsley
Rogatien Vachon
Montreal Canadiens
196869 Glenn Hall
Jacques Plante
St. Louis Blues
196970 Tony Esposito Chicago Black Hawks
197071 Eddie Giacomin
Gilles Villemure
New York Rangers
197172 Tony Esposito
Gary Smith
Chicago Black Hawks
197273 Ken Dryden Montreal Canadiens
197374 Tony Esposito
Bernie Parent
Chicago Black Hawks
Philadelphia Flyers
197475 Bernie Parent Philadelphia Flyers
197576 Ken Dryden Montreal Canadiens
197677 Ken Dryden
Michel Larocque
Montreal Canadiens
197778 Ken Dryden
Michel Larocque
Montreal Canadiens
197879 Ken Dryden
Michel Larocque
Montreal Canadiens
197980 Don Edwards
Bob Sauve
Buffalo Sabres
198081 Denis Herron
Michel Larocque
Richard Sevigny
Montreal Canadiens

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